Instructions for use of Result Retrieval system

Log in using the username and password provided by ACER. If you've lost or forgotten this, or need a new one, please contact the ISAT office: The Results Retrieval screen will come up.

1. To see the list of all candidates who have nominated your university:

  • Check your Uni Name is correct, if not, select your university from the drop down box and click Change Uni;
  • Click the link at the bottom of the Retrieval screen or the Candidates tab in the menu bar;
  • A screen with a Download All Candidates button, New and Previously downloaded Download button, and a search filter for Test Date and Results Date will come up;
  • Click the Download All Candidates button will bring up the data for all candidates nominating your university over the last few years. There will be a lot of candidates in this spreadsheet so it may take some time to download presented in a spreadsheet
    (NB: it is important to have a spreadsheet program already open on your desktop)
  • The spreadsheet can then be saved to your computer and manipulated as desired;
  • Use the Candidates tab in the menu bar to return to the Result Retrieval screen;

2. To see most recent candidates whose results were released after you last checked:

  • Click the New & Previously downloaded Download button to have the data for all candidates nominating your university, whose results have been released after your last download, presented in a spreadsheet;
  • The candidates will come up on screen. If desired, click Download CSV for a spreadsheet of candidates displayed.

3. To see an individual candidate who has not nominated your university, but who has since applied to your university:

  • Search on any of the fields in the table on the Search screen (click Search in the menu bar);
  • This will search the whole database and present results of previous and current years' tests, therefore refine as much as possible by entering at least two fields (eg. names, date of birth, date of test);
  • When the correct applicant's results are located, click Add in the last column in the table, to add this candidate to your own university's list.
  • If the search criteria has been removed from the table on the Search screen and you wish to return to it, click the Reset button.

4. If an applicant has not sat the test in the current year, and has presented a copy of a Results Statement, please verify the results presented:

  • Enter the Candidate ID in the field to view the results held in the database;
  • If there is any discrepancy in the results in the database and on the candidate's record, please contact the ISAT office immediately at

Please note:
Results from two previous years are held in the database. For information about the value of scores, please refer to